Built-in closets

Schmalenbach built in closets offer several designs in different materials and door systems. It can be adapted for both modern and classic home design concepts, as Schmalenbach offers flat and framed doors in several materials and finishes. The built in closets is designed for both quality and versatility. Its easily adaptable composition makes for an exceptionally practical storage system. If you are looking for a well organised storage space which is both private and functional, Schmalenbach built in closets would be a perfect fit. The closets provide you with the options of having hinged, folding and sliding doors or walk in options, using tested and trusted high quality interior fittings. We are experienced professionals in designing and installing built-in wardrobes. These space saving storage solutions offering place in your home for some most loved items.
Our services don’t stop with built in wardrobes themselves. We also offer an array of wardrobe accessories to help you stay organised. At Schmalenbach each wardrobe or built-in closet is designed as a luxurious haven of organisation and beauty. When it comes to the custom design of one of the most personal spaces within your home, we transform this space in your room into a storage oasis. Book a free consultation with our experts now to see what we can offer you.