Shelving Systems

Shelving system designs are functional, adaptable and timeless. While the core remains unchanged, personalization allows for varied shapes, materials and functionality. Depending on preferences and requirements, clients can reorganize their space by converting the shelves to open or closed storage systems based on utility.

Schmalenbach’s customized shelving systems offer dual functionality as display units for home deco objects of all kinds. The shelving units come in a wide range of sizes and styles from traditional to modern, and can fit into any required space and layout.

Our bespoke shelving systems offer the perfect solution for those who prefer storing their treasured items aesthetically. Since these units are designed with customised measurements, they are more than just modular shelves. These shelves can also be mounted on entire walls within living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and offices as open storage solutions.

Book your free design consultation and speak with one of Schmalenbach’s expert designers to get a bespoke shelving system crafted for your home.