Shelving Systems

Our Schmalenbach shelving systems are ideal as one can place all kinds of objects on it for display. The shelving units come in different sizes, perfect for any space. The storage units come in different styles, classical or modern, to match every customer’s taste and needs. Our shelving systems are the perfect choice for those who want to store items flexibly and economically. Since these are bespoke and not modular systems, it can go much further than the average bookshelf. The system can span entire walls, and create perfect open storage solutions for all kinds of rooms such as dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms and offices. Our shelving design is functional, easy to adapt and timeless. While the core of the system remains the same, customisation allows for change in shapes and function when and where needed. Clients can reorganise their space in any manner that they see fit, converting the shelves to open or close storage systems based on the functionality of the room.