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The dressing room encompasses a space to style clothes and enjoy fashion experiences at home. With quality designs and bespoke decor options, the traditional wardrobe can be elevated and extended. Read on for tips on how to create your bespoke dressing room haven with Schmalenbach.

A well-designed dressing room typically includes a closet, display, full-length mirror, and storage. It essentially resembles a retail shopping experience from the comfort of your bedroom with the luxury and joy of hand-selecting and styling your clothing.

Use the space
Dressing rooms vary in size. What’s important is that the space you have to work with is well-designed. Whether there is a small room or a corner within the bedroom, you can create a designated area for dressing with personalized touches to suit your needs. Al Gurg Living’s design consultants can incorporate clever storage options, like concealed closet spaces with bespoke Schmalenbach designs that make solutions to measure.

Personalise the decor
A dressing room is completely customisable in terms of both aesthetics and layout. The decor can form an extension of one’s style and what the classic wardrobe offers. Dressing rooms are also great for keeping clothing and accessories organised.

There are a variety of storage solutions that cater to hanging or folding clothes on rails or drawers, custom shoe displays, or built-in make-up stations. It can be crafted in a range of colours, materials, and metallic finishes. Each client can customise the overall look of the dressing room as well, whether it’s a private space or has an open, door-free design.

Elevate the design with accessories
The look and feel of the dressing room can be transformed with accessories. These include a combination of essential elements and finishing touches like lighting and seating. Good lighting is integral from a practical point of view, and the colour scheme also plays a role in how the clothing looks. Another factor to consider is natural lighting which can be very flattering, as well as sleek spotlights included on each shelf within the wardrobe.

An ottoman or a bench can take a dressing room to the next level. This can be used for laying out wardrobe selections and creating a comfortable place to unwind. Adding in a rug can bring the dressing room together, while decor accessories for storing trinkets or vases for fresh flowers can make this a truly coveted space.

Update the vanity
For many, the dressing room starts as an extension of the bathroom as this is where one usually begins the process of getting ready. Schmalenbach crafts bespoke marble vanity units which can be designed in modern or classic styles to suit your preference as a chic showstopper in the bathroom.

With the tips above, you can create a designated dressing area where you can enjoy the experience of dressing up. Schmalenbach creates bespoke wardrobe solutions for homes. Unravel the excellence of German craftsmanship with a wardrobe and dressing room designed for you.

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