September 14, 2023 admin

We all enjoy a night out at the movies. Compared to watching a movie on TV, at the theater, you get the feeling that you’re actually in the movie, with the crisp screen, surround sound, and 3D glasses. But what if we told you that you could have the same experience in the comfort of your own home?

At Schmalenbach, we take pride in our ability to design home theater solutions that are customized to your every need. In this blog, we walk you through the key elements of home theater design, Schmalenbach’s highly personalized approach to home theater design, and our tips on creating a bespoke entertainment center.

Bespoke home theater design

With Schmalenbach, a home theater isn’t just a place to watch movies. We view it as a bespoke entertainment center, with aesthetic accents, storage options, which blends seamlessly with your home’s existing interior design. We approach every home theater project with a unique vision, carefully considering the space’s functionality, acoustics and lighting.

Our designs offer options for concealed TV units and bar areas, with sliding or hinged doors that are visually stunning and practical. Additionally, we use well-placed shelving systems and offer a variety of materials that allow you to choose between various accents, further highlighting the aesthetic element.

Key Components

A Schmalenbach home theater is a symphony of several elements. From layouts designed to maximize viewing pleasure and acoustical treatment that improves sound quality, to customized seating arrangements that marry comfort with style – we do our best to curate every component to your taste.

Our entertainment centers also feature discreet storage solutions and intelligent sliding systems that create different zones within your room. Every element is designed to complement the room’s aesthetic, and clients can choose between a range of styles and finishes, depending on their personal taste. All these come together to create a bespoke home theater that elevates your movie-watching experience.

Tips to consider

1. Prioritize Sound Quality: Ensure that you choose a room with good acoustics and install high-quality audio equipment to maximize viewing pleasure. Soundproofing your room is a great way to improve sound quality and create an immersive experience.

2. Optimal Viewing: Choose a screen size that’s proportional to the size of your room. Position your screen and seating at the right distance.

3. Light Control: Install light dimmers and blackout curtains to control natural and artificial light in your room.

4. Seating Arrangement: Ensure that your seats are spaced out strategically with good sightlines to the screen to avoid straining your eyes.

5. Storage Solutions: Chances are that you won’t be using your home theater every day. Incorporate discreet shelves and storage units within your entertainment center to place your AV equipment.

6. Personalize: The most important tip is that your home theater should be unique. From color palette to accent shades to seating fabric, choose the style that best suits your taste.


Creating your dream home theater isn’t an investment in entertainment, it’s an investment in memorable experiences with the ones you love. With Schmalenbach’s bespoke solutions, every aspect of your home theater, from screen to sound and seating to storage is uniquely tailored to your specifications.

With Schmalenbach, you get to sit back, relax and watch as our experts get to work on creating your home theater. With our guidance, exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, your dream home theater isn’t just possible- it’s assured. Book a free consultation call with us today and let’s start designing your perfect entertainment space!