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Your dream wardrobe can take many different forms inspired by your needs and style. Bring this to life with Schmalenbach, a brand renowned for crafting bespoke handmade wardrobes. Discover a world of wardrobe possibilities with innovative systems and custom solutions.

Wardrobes are areas in the home that are used every day. You’ll need a wardrobe that allows you to store your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Furniture by Schmalenbach is hand-made in Germany and manufactured according to the exact dimensions of each client’s space. Clients can choose the style, materials, and surface requirements. This includes all the finishing touches you need, from integrated draws to safes and accessory inserts.

Wardrobe and walk-in closet system S28
The wardrobe and walk-in closet systems by Schmalenbach are customised to suit every size and surface. These designs include a range of innovative accessories suited to your personal needs, from a chest for glasses to inserts with watch winders and pull-outs featuring belts and ties. There are also additional options to transform your wardrobe, including hidden built-in safes for your precious items and pull-out mirrors for the dressing area. Simply put, you can design the space in a way that works for you with a combination of hanging spaces, shelves, and drawers.

Wardrobe and walk-in closet system S35
There is also a contemporary-style wardrobe and walk-in closet system which features wall panels with floating shelves in a recession in the wall. This offers more of an open concept so that when you look inside your closet, everything is visible with cohesive functionality and a symmetrical aesthetic. These can be crafted in a variety of materials to suit the bedroom, including laminate, lacquer, veneer, glass and eco-leather coverings. This closet style can also be installed with practical accessories.

Built in wardrobe with sliding doors
If you’re a fan of that open style from inside the closet but would like to keep it behind doors, you can select sliding doors for your wardrobe. This offers a sleek design that capitalises on space. The sliding doors can be suspended or mounted to the floor. Clients can select a frame suited to their style, be it in aluminium, lacquer or a veneer wrap.

Walk-in closet system S28
For a designer dressing room, opt for a complete walk-in closet system. This design features a standalone island where you can store all your key items in a space that doubles as a showcase. It also includes a bench seat where you can put on shoes at leisure, take a seat while getting ready, or simply sit and ponder your next outfit.

Wardrobe system S35 with upholstered bed
Another option for the bedroom is a wardrobe featuring a room division with sliding doors in a material of your choosing. Transparent glass panels are popular for a chic and modern look. This type of wardrobe helps to create sections in the room with quality finishes to match the other furnishings in the room. This can be designed to match the headboard to bring the decor elements of the room together.

Wardrobe system S28 with island and cheeks bed
The final option is an open wardrobe for an ultra-contemporary design in an open-plan bedroom concept. This system is perfect for those who want their clothing items on display, with a wardrobe that feels part of the room with a matching island and headboard design for the bed to tie the design together in a way that is both stylish and practical.

Whether you need a sideboard for decor and storage, or built-in cabinets and wardrobes, Schmalenbach offers a selection of solutions that can be customised to your needs. Discover our high-quality, custom furniture for your home in the UAE.