March 8, 2021 admin

Let Schmalenbach design the perfect walk-in closet for you

Wardrobes are an investment for a lifetime, and that makes them a complex piece of furniture. In today’s fast-paced culture, you don’t want to spend precious time going through a wardrobe that is a labyrinth of clothing and lacks organization.

One of the popular trends is the walk-in closet, which elevates the setting of the space. The tall, aesthetic built of the walk-in closet makes the interiors look spacious, exquisite, and most importantly provide you with versatile storage solutions.

Our German luxury walk-in closets add charisma while being pragmatic with additional storage space to accommodate your precious belongings, avoiding clutter. At Schmalenbach, our experts can help you craft a walk-in closet that aligns well with the rest of the space.

Bespoke cabinetry 

Whether it is a minimalist design or rich, luxurious patterns, well-crafted cabinetry is of utmost importance. The cabinets will provide ample storage to arrange items securely. Whether you want to display designer bags and shoe collections in the open or secure them behind an elegant door, we provide bespoke design solutions that match your preference.

Our design portfolio ranges from classic to contemporary, with abundant options to choose from. Apart from bespoke designs, we also offer a dynamic colour palette with white minimalistic tones that instil a sense of calmness, and rich bold tones that make the space exuberant, warm and luxurious.