February 11, 2021 admin

Fit out your home office space for optimum efficiency

With remote work opportunities readily available, gone are the conventional cubicles or formal office environments. There is a growing trend to fit out rooms and spaces at home for better work efficiency and productivity. Proper planning, effective design and the right elements can ensure wellbeing along with productivity in your home office. 

Our team of designers at Schmalenbach can help you design a bespoke space that combines efficiency with that unique at-home feeling. 


As you work from a home office, you will be spending most of your time seated behind your desk. An ergonomically designed chair like the range from Schmalenbach, is kind to your back and a perfect fit for long working hours. 

A desk that’s large enough to rest your computer along with other work-related materials is also essential. Keeping it organised with the right storage solutions will ensure efficiency while increasing productivity. 

Schmalenbach can also customise built-in cabinets, wall units, and walk-in closets to ensure you have everything within reach while adding a luxurious tone to the overall design of your office.

Storage Solutions

Bespoke storage solutions by Schmalenbach can help you organise your space better. These are always designed around functionality, so you can keep your workspace tidy, which is very important to avoid distractions while working. The experts at Schmalenbach can also design shelving systems, sideboards and elegant cabinets to incorporate into your home office space seamlessly for a coherent and luxurious look.