February 1, 2021 admin


For most of the global workforce, working from home will be the new normal for years to come.


The ideal home office has natural lighting and enough space to move around while affording the privacy you need to avoid distractions.

A room with a window that lets in natural light is perfect, but you can also add lighting solutions if you have chosen a more open area.  Partitions are an attractive option for separating your home office space from the rest of the household. Schmalenbach has an exclusive range of partitions in various specifications and premium finishing options. Our designers can create a customised solution that suits your home workplace’s atmosphere and ambience.

Colour and personalisation 

Now that you have complete control over what your home office should look like, make sure to add your own personal touches. From your favourite colours to art and objects that define your personality, the design of this office is a personal choice.

Colours, especially, bring out an emotional response and can greatly impact your energy and mood levels. White, ivory, grey and tan are neutral tones, so combining them with accent colours gives your space warmth, vitality and energy.

From minimalistic white to dark, rich tones, you can add more character to your office space with a mix of complementary designs and colour.

If you have statement furniture like a sleek black office desk, incorporating patterned white marble flooring would be the perfect way to make it the centre of attention. Browse the extensive range of bespoke home office furniture at Schmalenbach to find the ideal colour and design palette to complement your style. You can also consult with our team to find the right designs for you.

Creating a bright, spacious workplace at home with complementary colours, furniture and built-in solutions is key. Our team at Schmalenbach can help you design a home office that matches your vision of the ideal productive environment. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.