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Shelving systems play a central role in interior design. From effective space management to providing an aesthetic appeal to homes and offices, the importance of shelving system design cannot be understated. As a globally renowned brand in interior design solutions, Schmalenbach offers bespoke shelving systems that blend excellent design with a high level of functionality.

The Evolution of Shelving Systems

Shelf design has undergone significant changes over the years. Initially, shelves started out as simple, static structures designed for basic storage. However, as lifestyles evolved, so did demand for more visually appealing interior design. The advent of bespoke shelving systems marked an important shift in shelf design, where personalization became key.

What are Bespoke Shelving Systems?

Bespoke shelving systems crafted by Schmalenbach, distinguish themselves from traditional shelving through their highly customizable approach. Standard shelving options are often pre-made and offer limited options in size, design, material and functionality. At Schmalenbach, our shelving systems are designed according to specific client preferences and needs.
These systems allow for adjustments in dimensions, design choices and materials, and are created after a thorough understanding of what our client’s requirements are. The flexibility we offer plays an invaluable role in efficient space utilization and creating an aesthetic home décor.

Features of Schmalenbach’s Bespoke Shelving Systems

Schmalenbach’s bespoke shelving systems boast a wide range of shapes, materials, and designs. The ability to select from a vast assortment of materials, including wood, metal and glass helps ensure that your shelves complement the space’s design philosophy.

Additionally, Schmalenbach’s shelving systems are also designed to serve dual functions – both as storage and display units. This feature can further highlight your décor or prized possessions in an elegant manner. Finally, our shelving systems can be configured to suit diverse layouts, from living rooms and kitchens to offices. This level of flexibility and customization makes Schmalenbach a versatile, aesthetic choice for all your storage needs.

Practical Applications

Schmalenbach’s bespoke shelving systems can be seamlessly integrated into any space. In the living room, they act as elegant bookshelves or display cases for your most loved showpieces and art. At your office, they provide organized storage options for files and supplies that are both refined and understated. In the kitchen, you may design them to efficiently store utensils and ingredients. In each case, Schmalenbach takes care to utilize the space as efficiently as possible, without compromising on elegance and design.

How does it work?

Book a free consultation with our expert designers. During this meeting, let us know your preferences in size, material, finish and functionality, as well as any inputs you may have. Our designers will then get to work creating a bespoke shelving system that reflects your vision, ensuring an elegant, impeccable finish.

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