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Bespoke bookshelves create a unique space within the home where you can display and store all kinds of books and items for display. Designed to suit your home and style, they are a fitting addition to the lounge, study, or bedroom. Here are our top tips on how to effortlessly style your bookshelf.

Define your bespoke style

The luxury of having a bespoke bookshelf is that you have the freedom to design it as you wish. From the size to the materials and colours used to construct it, you and the designer can get creative. It will cater to your exact needs, be it a completely open shelving or one fitted with compartments.

The book rack can easily become a focal point of the room, so be sure to style the area accordingly. The design should fill the space in terms of scale and complement the other items in the room. For instance, designing an etagere featuring an open shelving concept with a frame above it or a plant alongside it to ensure that the room is balanced.

How to style a bookshelf

Whether you have trinkets or sculptural items to display on your book rack, placement is a crucial part of the display. Take time to plan the placement, test it out, and refine your selections. A tried and tested design rule is to display objects in odd numbers as this creates a balanced look.

The space in between objects is also important as this ensures that the shelf does not become cluttered. To create depth, select objects with different heights and proportions. When it comes to display items, select conversation starters that feature different interests and have character.

By incorporating lighting, you can highlight certain areas and features, while also allowing the shadows to create extra depth. Another tip on styling objects is to layer the shelf from the bottom up, with objects that are visually lighter at the top. For example, placing heavier or larger books on the bottom shelf.

Another helpful tip is to create different zones within the bookshelf. This way, you can utilise the entirety of the book rack without feeling limited by it. Creating dedicated spaces for displays and storage will help create a diverse look. This can be achieved with vertical lines to contrast the horizontal shelves. 

Create a library at home 

Bookshelves were traditionally created to store books. In true academia style, you can create a sophisticated item of furniture to style and store your books, either by lining them up or being stacked on one another. Another tip to arrange the books with ornaments in between, which gives you enough room to grow the collection as well.

There are many ways to organise books based on your personal preference and collection. Popular examples include alphabetic order, subject clusters and colour combinations. 

Book racks are a classic item of furniture for a home. They work in multiple rooms for storing and showcasing all kinds of items. Bespoke bookshelves enhance spaces seamlessly. With this level of design precision, you can create a well-balanced room that suits your exact needs.

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