June 3, 2022 admin

Bedrooms are one of the most loved rooms of a house, providing you with a sanctuary for relaxation and slumber. A luxuriously designed bedroom can make all the difference to a home and your everyday life, be it the comforts of a bedroom suite to the satisfaction of having a bespoke closet. With Schmalenbach, you can create a bespoke bedroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our in house interior design specialists are experts in the field and eager to transform spaces. Schmalenbach interiors, create an exclusive and opulent atmosphere. Our design concepts are designed with extreme precision, providing you with the perfect solutions for your home.

We are masters at conceptualising bespoke designs that are curated to meet your unique needs. Once we have the concept, we bring it to life with Schmalenbach’s signature style. Our designs creatively balance elegance, functionality and sustainability, with custom designs that exude an exclusive visual personality.

There are countless ways to style your bedroom interior. The way you utilise space with the layout and essential fittings is key to setting the tone for a room. The decorative interior furnishings influence the look and feel of the room. When designing your bedroom, you have a selection of multiple display types and colour options, creating statement pieces that will define your bedroom.

Get a good night’s rest every night with Schmalenbach’s bedroom suites. We design and craft custom beds in all sizes, from cosy single size to grand emperor style. Create your own haven with selections from our exclusive collection of fabric and styling options to ensure that your room is like no other. All of our headboards are beautifully crafted, transforming furniture into works of art.

No bedroom is complete with a closet. We design built-in wardrobes that seamlessly blend into your space, as well as walk-in closets that are perfect as a en suite dressing room. Select your favourite material and door system, be it modern or  classic style. We also have a range of safety features, including hidden safes designed to safeguard your possessions incognito mode, and security mechanisms like fingerprint locks to protect your valuables.

Our wardrobe solutions are designed for both quality and versatility, using tested and trusted high quality interior fittings for optimal organisation. What does your dream bedroom look like? Create the ultimate bespoke bedroom of the finest quality with Schmalenbach.

You are invited to visit our showroom to discover Schmalenbach. Ignite your senses as you see and touch the possibilities for your bedroom, bring luxury, comfort, and style into your home. Book a free consultation with our experts now to see what we can offer you.

The luxurious Schmalenbach portfolio has expanded its scope to include designs for bespoke bedroom interiors. Our exquisite German materials are tailored to suit the design and style selections of each client. Be inspired by the endless possibilities presented by Schmalenbach, transforming dreams into reality by styling home interiors with the finest.