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Design a bespoke and luxurious closet with Schmalenbach and have it fitted with a state-of-the-art Heindl Luxury Safe. This combination offers exquisite finishes and world-class safety for your treasured possessions. You’re one step away from having the dressing room of your dreams, with high-tech features and multiple benefits.

The Benefits of a Schmalenbach Closet and Heindl Safe

Schmalenbach is renowned for crafting German closet systems that are the epitome of luxury wardrobes. For a closet that is functional and customised, we offer our clients the option to include a Heindl safe in their bespoke designs. 

These elegant closets with integrated safes create a statement that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the decor in a room while safeguarding your valuable items. 

Heindl is the trusted choice for mega brands and celebrities. Their collection includes multiple protective solutions, from private vault rooms to luxury room safes. 

Heindl designs, develops, manufactures, and installs safes in both standard and customised options to clients worldwide. These safes are insulated with sophisticated locking systems and bolts to protect your items from burglary and are fire-resistant. Designed with luxury at the forefront, these closets can be designed with wood and wrapped in leather to match your high-end furniture. 

The Features of a Heindl Fitted in your Schmalenbach Closet

Heindl is produced between Germany and Switzerland, ensuring the highest manufacturing quality. Clients can rest assured that premium materials are used when producing the safes, both inside and out. Heindl is a fitting match for Schmalenbach closets, with the assurance of the finest quality. These safes come with a life-long warranty and EURONORM certification, an international technical standard within the European Union.

Heindl safes are also fully customisable, from appearance to form, finish and size. The interior layout can also be tailored to suit your needs, with draws, storage sections, and watch winders being among the most popular choices. 

The filling is lightweight and patented, much lighter than standard safes. This provides you with a static advantage and ensures that your safe is an investment without rust issues in the long-term. Clients are also protected with fire proofing that lasts for more than 2 hours. 

When designing your bespoke closet solution with Schmalenbach, you can customise both the exterior and interior of the closet. We will design a wardrobe and safe that suits your size specs for the perfect fit.

Finally, technical support for Heindl safe owners ensures smooth delivery and maximised satisfaction. This forms part of the quality offering, as Schmalenbach also offers guidance throughout the process, from the very first consultation all the way through to the installation of your bespoke closet. 

Discover all the closet possibilities with Schmalenbach.