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Turn your home into an entertainer’s dream. Schmalenbach is a renowned German brand with bespoke home solutions that span everything from closets to living and bedroom interiors, oud cabinets, storage solutions, and vanities. Make your living room a focal point with an innovative display center that matches your interior design.

Exclusive Entertainment Center by Schmalenbach
The Schmalenbach entertainment center is a bespoke solution for your living room. It can be customised to suit your needs, from sleek TV storage to innovative features walls with discreet shelves that can be displayed at your peril.

The entertainment centres are also flexible in terms of their application. They remove the need for bulky TV stands and display units by including these in the wall, or as a slim standalone solution designed to be a partition in a room. This maximises the space of a room and enhances the home decor to reflect an elevated lifestyle.

These high-quality adaptive entertainment units can be utilised in a multitude of ways. For example, it can be used to display precious collectibles, keep a TV set hidden, or create seamless storage space. The subdivier solution allows you to create different zones within the home, perfect for creating entertainment nooks for TV time, reading, prayers, or the like.

These entertainment units can be completed with sliding doors or revolving door feature to allow for the concealing of your most treasured items. The doors can then be automated with your home system or connected to a remote for ease of use. Customised drawers can also be installed to house your collectible items.

Offering more than functionality, these can add to the aesthetics of the room, with custom colours and materials available. With this, you can create discreet or feature displays that work in any living room. This works especially well in bigger entertainment centres, with the option of creating a concealed bar area in your home.

Customise Your Entertainment Center
These entertainment units can suit various decor styles, with complete customisation available. This ensures that while the concept is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, it could work in a contemporary and a classic home equally as well.

There are a wide selection of materials that can be used to create the entertainment center. You can opt for lighter materials or denser wood finishes depending on your preferences and requirements, and then further customise these in terms of design, colour, functionality, form, and finish.

These entertainment consoles are not only tailored in terms of design. The functionality can also be suited to your needs as well. For instance, lighting that will accentuate the items on display.

Here’s a look at Schmalenbach’s portfolio of entertainment centers:

Design Your Entertainment Center with Schmalenbach

Welcome to world-class design. With high-end design and seamless configurations, you can create a statement home that works for you.

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