June 17, 2022 admin

This year marked the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan, bringing people from around the world to Italy to see the latest in design innovation. New wardrobe concepts formed part of the exhibition, from creative storage solutions to contemporary aesthetics and trends that will undoubtedly influence luxury closet design for the year ahead.

This year’s Salone del Mobile theme centred on sustainability, with featured brands encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint and partake in green initiatives. Sustainable products, installations, and experiences supported the Salone committee joining the United Nations Global Compact initiative calling on the adoption and upholding of long-term sustainability values and environmental responsibility. 

A key trend derived from sustainable homes is the emergence of multifunctional furniture solutions. With multipurpose elements, homes can be more flexible by featuring hidden storage solutions that are practical and discreet. It also allows for seamless transitions for work-from-home solutions. An example of this is fold-away desks built into shelving and closets, which maximizes space within the home as well. 

As spaces become more functional, the use of sliding doors as partitions has become trendy. This creates the illusion of more space, with designated areas of the home creating more functionality. These wooden slats slide open to create space and provide privacy when needed.

Another macro trend is the use of natural materials in home environments which brings the outdoors in and creates a calming space. There are numerous ways to include traditional materials, from wood to natural fibres like bamboo, rattan and sisal. Another way to incorporate this trend is with stone and marble features. These features can then be complemented by natural textiles like cotton and linens, which work especially well with wardrobe designs. Metallic finishes add a premium and refined finish with brass, copper, and tinted and sanded glass to accentuate furnishings. 

One of the prominent design trends for 2022 is curved shapes. These soft silhouettes create a relaxing and comforting look and feel, merging practicality with aesthetics. Rounded edges are a great way to display craftsmanship in the home and create an inviting dressing room. 

We’re also seeing open shelving as closets with seamless functional elements incorporated into the design. The final look is all about transparency and flows, with open spaces to showcase items while hanging clothing and keeping others in drawers. These are statement features that make use of the space from floor to ceiling, presenting a premium take on built-in wardrobes. 

Another popular design trend is panelling along walls or as features in wardrobes in various shades. These designs are dressed in fabrics or made from decorative wood, setting the tone of a cosy yet luxurious aesthetic. Similarly, we’ve seen different glass elements being incorporated into closets, with fabric betters panels of glass or fluted glass elements. Both of these design trends are great for built-in closets that are openly displayed. 

The wardrobe colours at Salone del Mobile 2022 featured natural accents, with warm oaks and beige tones taking precedence. To contrast this, bold shades are used in statement closets, from concrete shades and all-black wardrobes. Paired with LED lighting, it helps create points of interest and allure in the closet. This works especially well with open shelving, creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere.

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