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Secure your precious possessions in one of the world’s finest safes. Al Gurg Living in partnership with Heindl offers exclusive German-made luxury safes and vault rooms that provide the highest level of security. This spans the design, development and installation of private safes and custom-made vault rooms that are fully bespoke in both size and appearance.

Heindl is a brand that encapsulates world-class security with safety solutions that are trusted by reputed international brands. These safes are also certified by recognized global institutions for their quality craftsmanship. Heindl safes also offer fire protection and are certified by EURONORM / VDS. Design your individual masterpiece safe without making any compromises.

The new Saluto range of luxury safes are designed to complement any room as a beautifully crafted piece of furniture, while also providing world-class protection for your treasured items. These handcrafted luxury safes and vault rooms are produced with the finest materials. The interior contains patented lightweight fitting which provides the safe with a static advantage compared to standard safes. Security and design are at the forefront, with new ranges like the Saluto undergoing intense testing to ensure our clients are presented with the best.

The Saluto range of luxury safes is designed for the ultimate connoisseur. It opens to a beautiful display of the owner’s curated items, be it specifically designed jewellery stands, drawers, or cubbies. Depending on your requirements, you can select one of four sizes. These include the Bellino, Tiano, Alto, and Grande. Likewise, the interior layout can also be tailored to your needs and preferences. Each design includes a combination of storage shelving, drawers, and watch winders.

The Saluto safe is a standalone item of furniture wrapped in Nappa leather with diamond stitching featured across the front and sides. The exterior is available in a range of customized colours including brown, black, blue, red, cream, and white.

The application materials also include a wide range of choices to blend with different metallic colours in a matt or glossy finish. The Saluto can be designed in gold matt, gold vintage, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, or gold glossy metals.

The interior drawers of the safe are offered in an assortment of quality wooden materials. Each of these selections makes for an excellent choice, showcasing premium wood in a range of shades including black, brown, white, and red.

This includes the macassar featuring striking stripes, palisander showcasing natural wooden rings, the ever-durable laurelwood, the distinctively spotted white poplar burl, the rare bird’s eye maple, and carbon oak for a darker finish.

The Saluto luxury safe is designed to complement any room and enhance your at-home and in-office security. Entrust your valuables with German-certified quality. To curate your bespoke safe depending on your requirement, speak with the team at Al Gurg Living.

The Heindl safes are a perfect match with Al Gurg Living’s Schmalenbach range of curated wardrobes and cabinetry. Schmalenbach clients now have the option of including a state-of-the-art Heindl safe in their bespoke and luxurious closet design. 

Also, explore the Schmalenbach range of products, from vanities to closets and entertainment centers. To experience all of the possibilities of the brand in person, you are welcome to visit our Al Gurg Living Experience Center located at Umm Al Sheif in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. 

We pride ourselves in making your interior dreams a reality.