December 20, 2022 admin

2023 is the year of the statement dressing room. Innovative elements are elevating wardrobes by showcasing clothing, jewellery, and accessories with style and sophistication. Let’s take a look at the key features in Schmalenbach’s wardrobe system that will enhance your bedroom in the year ahead.

Schmalenbach is a brand renowned for creating customised German wardrobes. Representing the ultimate in home cabinetry, you can envision your dream dressing room crafted with quality materials and designed with precise attention to detail. While there are vanities and built-in wardrobes, the walk-in wardrobe remains a coveted closet to have in the home.

Walk-in wardrobes in 2023 centre on smart design and timeless style. The look and feel of the space can be tailored to your personal preferences. Step into your very own world of luxury with doors featuring sliding frames of glass panels. LED lighting can be integrated to illuminate the items inside, transforming both the atmosphere and functionality of the wardrobe. The dressing room can be completed with a stylishly stitched bench seat, perfect for pondering on outfits and shoes.

As the walk-in wardrobe also includes adorned items, there are a number of built-in safes that can be installed to offer added protection. These can be customised standalone safes by Heindl to suit the style of the walk-in wardrobe, or they can be built-in with a moveable back panel for enhanced security and privacy.

Jewellery collections often represent treasured and delicate items. These accessories can be kept safely with a variety of solutions depending on your preference and requirements. Drawers with dividers and side panels can be installed, along with high-quality velvet inserts to display each item.

Watches are statement items in the wardrobe as well. These precious timepieces can be carefully placed on specially created displays. For a safe setting that also factors in maintenance, Schmalenbach clients can have Buben & Zorweg watch winders integrated into their wardrobe designs. A drawer for sunglasses can be installed alongside to complement the watch collection.

Walk-in closets offer the luxury of space, which is amplified with clever designs and innovative elements. Instead of having ties and belts rolled up and stored, they can be hung on a pull-out mechanism with ease of accessibility as required. Rods for hanging items can be wrapped in textiles such as artificial leather or feature wooden materials to complement the rest of the wardrobe.

A shoe collection is often a statement section inside the walk-in wardrobe. There are many creative ways to display shoes. Consider installing a section where high heels can be hung, an open set of shelves for shoes to be placed, a pull-out drawer for boots, or a combination of each of these to serve your shoe collection in its entirety.

By incorporating feature items in your wardrobe, each item can be treasured with care and displayed in style. Browse the complete range with Schmalenbach to discover our world of luxurious wardrobes with endless opportunities.