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Schmalenbach is renowned for creating handcrafted quality products. Crafted and curated cabinetry forms part of our luxury portfolio that has become a favourite among designers and architects alike. Here’s a look at Schmalenbach’s Bestselling Gadgets in 2021.

Watch Winders

For watch lovers, a timepiece is timeless, or at least it should be. This is where watch winders come into play. Buben & Zorweg are the creators of multifunctional masterpieces. Their innovations have led to the introduction of mechanical wristwatches with automatic winding.

Movement matters when it comes to wristwatches. The watch winder is the perfect accessory for a collector to look after watches and preserve their value.  Standstill can harm the precision and lifespan of the watch..

Buben & Zorweg TIME MOVER® technology is designed to offer watch wearers the best-engineered tool for your watch’s upkeep. TIME MOVER® offers a service time of 45 years and works silently. It has been designed with innovative materials that ensure distinctive crowns are no obstacles while providing space for automatic watches with a housing diameter of up to 60 mm.

Hidden Safes

Schmalenbach is known for bespoke closet solutions. Having a hidden safe is just what you need to store your luxury items. Having hidden features are both intriguing and sensible additions to your closet.

The incognito design adds an element of privacy, making your items less of a potential target.

An example of such a safe is one that can be installed behind a panel in your wardrobe. That said, your hidden safe could also take the form of a secure showcase display, where your watches and bags can be on  view. . These safes are not only great for protection, but they’re also fire resistant for added cover.

Security Mechanisms

With advancements in technology, security mechanisms have vastly improved. One such development is fingerprint locks, which require unique identification for accessibility. You’ll never need remember a pin again. The lock is  made with the finest materials so you can rest assured your valuables are well protected.

Having fingerprint locks as a security mechanism feature also makes the design seamless, as you won’t need to have a set of keys to access your favourite things. Enjoy the luxury of having your most treasured items at the touch of a button.

Schmalenbach’s locks can store the prints of a select number of trusted confidants and utilises biometrics, for maximum protection.

These are undoubtedly the luxe gadgets you need in your home and office as part of a lavish lifestyle. As custom crafters, we understand the value of luxury, which is why we help to protect your most valuable items. Browse these and more such helpful hints at Schamalenbach to enhance your closets and wardrobes.