October 28, 2022 admin

Enjoy the luxury of having an exclusive private vault room in your home. This is a state-of-the-art room that you can have built-in to your wardrobe design. With Heindl, storing your timeless possessions has never been more secure and stylish.

Heindl is a brand that exudes German excellence with a history dating back to 1976. They provide customised services along with design professionals to create a tailored safe room that suits your style and preferences.

A vault room by Heindl is customised and highly secure, providing the perfect solution for storing your private collections. The space is designed to perfectly capture the beauty of your most prized possessions.

Collectors will love the crafted elegance and world-class security of their precious belongings in a discreet setting with the trusted Heindl name. The vault rooms can securely display all of your valuables from jewelry to timepieces and heirlooms.

Heindl works alongside architects, interior designers, and clients to ensure the vault room meets all of your requirements.

This Private Room is designed with security and style in mind to suit your needs and home. Two small safes are located within to provide dual security for your most treasured items.

From conceptual planning to execution, Heindl clients entrust us with the complete process of crafting a distinguished setting for their valuables. The result is an amalgamation of both luxury and safety of the highest degree.

Each safe and vault room is crafted with the highest quality materials and, importantly, the latest advances in safety technology. All masterpiece safes by Heindl put German-certified design and security at the forefront.

Every product is tested to ensure that it meets the thermal and mechanical standards that Heindl is renowned for. Once it passes the test, it receives a globally recognised certification mounted on the inside of the door of the safe.

Heindl safes have VDS certification after being tested according to the EURONORM standards and come with life-long warranty. The safes are also ISO certified.

Create a space in your home that displays your beloved items in the best possible way. It is a quality you can trust when it matters most. The Heindl team incorporates these exclusive luxury safes in collaboration with personalized wardrobes to provide clients the best service and unique design elements.