May 5, 2022 admin

Schmalenbach is dedicated to providing bespoke and innovative solutions tailored to the UAE market. The latest addition to our portfolio is an oud cabinet designed to seamlessly infuse garments with bukhoor fragrance. The  cabinet elevates closet spaces with a luxurious design that permeates garments with a lingering scent.

With this cabinet, an age-old practice can be incorporated into one’s daily routine easily blending with the conveniences of modern-day life.

Bukhoor oil usage dates to ancient Egypt before becoming widely adopted in the Middle East. With a culture acutely attuned to fragrances, the custom of layering scents into clothing is age-old.

Fragrances have an all-encompassing effect, creating lasting memories and empowering the wearer to express the full spectrum of their personality, moving between the likes of sweet, bold, and spicy. In fact, Emiratis are among the world’s top spenders when it comes to luxury fragrances, reflecting a deep understanding of and appreciation for aromas.

With layering scents being an essential part of  daily practices, an oud cabinet presents a sleek way to infuse clothing without any fuss. Enjoy the rich and aromatic scent of bukhoor fragrance combining wood, flowers, and resins, perfect for permeating clothing that  adorn the wearer.

Traditionally, infusing garments with bukhoor oil requires placing of burning chips with coal inside the closet beneath the clothes. However, this practice can be a safety hazard, along with the potential of smoking out the entire closet. With a specially designed oud cabinet, the intense fragrance with an overwhelming aroma doesn’t spill out. It also removes the risk of the bukhoor oil staining delicate and light-coloured garments.

Schmalenbach’s oud cabinet is skillfully designed with marble stone at the base where the bukhoor is placed. There is a rail inside the cabinet where several garments can be placed at a time. The oud chips are lit at the bottom and once the door is closed, the infusing begins with the smoke rising to fill the chamber. The oud chips burn for 2-3 minutes, and you can repeat the process so that the clothing is fragranced to your liking. Once the clothes are ready, the extractor fitted at the top of the cabinet soaks up the remaining vapours.

The oud cabinet is a world-class innovative design and is a timeless addition to a home. It can be installed as part of a walk-in or built-in closet, according to your custom requirements. With this unique feature, clothes are infused with bukhoor oil within the comforts of your dressing room at your convenience.

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