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Begin the new year by giving your closet a spring clean. An organised closet can make all the difference, especially when it comes to setting the tone for the rest of the day. We’ve prepared the ultimate guide on how to organise your closet for the year ahead.

Having an organised closet uplifts the mood and instils structure in the home. When your wardrobe is in order, you spend more time doing the things you love, with less time worrying about what to wear.

Envision your closet
It all begins with a vision. What does your dream closet look like? Finding inspirational images can give you tips and ideas on how to redesign or enhance your closet. Once you have an ideal closet in mind, you can proceed by decluttering it.

Empty the cabinetry
Empty out the closet completely. This will give you a better sense of everything you own and the space you have to work with. You’ll also want to give the closet a deep clean by dusting all the nooks and wiping down the surfaces.

Find a system that works
Once it is cleared out, you can assess the closet and see if the current system is working for you. For instance, you may realise that your wardrobe is missing a full-length mirror, or that a new set of cabinetry is required to transform your dressing room. By identifying the trouble spots, you’ll be one step closer to finding the optimal solution for your closet.

Built in closets are a private and practical storage system with an integrated organisation from within. Schmalenbach built-in closets are available in an array of designs and materials which can be adapted to suit modern and classic homes. There are also different door systems including hinged, folding, and sliding options designed to offer quality, versatility, and practicality.

Walk in closets feature custom designs to suit your space and needs. Schmalenbach creates luxury walk-in wardrobes that are aesthetic and practical retreats where you can dress in style and display all your precious items, from jewellery to shoes clothing, watches and accessories.

Maximise your storage space
One of the greatest challenges for wardrobe storage solutions is dealing with the issue of wasted space. By incorporating drawers, racks, and shelving systems, you can redefine the space to store all of your items. It is best to opt for space-saving options that include multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelves and speciality racks.

Organise your items
Now it’s time to sort through all your items. Separate everything into categories and decide what you’ll be keeping and what isn’t serving you any longer (there are great recycling, reselling, and donation options for your unwanted items). The key question to ask is whether each item fits who you are and where you want to be in the new year.

Pack your wardrobe
Once you know exactly what is going into the closet, you can plan and store it. There are many key decisions to be made, including how your accessories and shows will be stored inside the closet. You’ll also need to determine which items need to be hung and which ones will be better folded. Finally, you’ll need to determine whether seasonal items will be stowed away in the wardrobe and ensure that your space is practical, with ease of accessibility to all of your most worn items.

There are many ways to fill a closet, and the way you do so will greatly influence how organised it looks. Here are some tips:

  • Colour-code your closet
  • Hang items according to the length
  • Hang your clothing and hangers in the same direction

That wraps up our guide on how to organise your closet for the new year. Now, you can step into the new year with confidence and a coveted closet.

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